Bikeschmiede Pellemeier Lienen

Meet the Gang!

Your test drive in NRW. Or should it be a custom bike?

There is this little town in North Rhine-Westphalia, somewhere between Osnabrück and Münster, called Lienen. Actually its called "Moketown" now, because Ben from Bike Schmiede Pellemeier made into the secret capital of 20x4 electric fatbikes of Germany.

Ben customizes, services, supports and sells 20x4 fatbikes since they became a thing. And boy, did he make a name for himself. People from all over Europe make pilgrimage to Lienen to get Bens advice and experience.

At 50 Rebels we are proud to call him a friend and partner.

What You Can Expect

Custom Bike & Shop in Lienen, NRW

✓ Your UD e-bike contact in NRW
✓ Test a selection of UD e-bikes directly
✓ Competent e-bikeadvice foryou, your friends and family
UD order & pick-up service in Lienen
✓ Possibility to order e-bike parts/accessories
✓ Possibility to personalize your UD bike for you or your company

Your Custom E-Bike in NRW

E-bike test ride, individual consultation & customization.

You live in NRW or Lower Saxony? Then take a look at the Bikeschmiede Pellemeiner in Lienen. You will not only find all UD e-bikes and Hinterher bike trailers for extensive testing, but you will also get the best costumizing advice in the world!

Handmade in Europe

3 years warranty

Award winning Design

Best support


The UD-Community Rideouts

Where could a better road trip feeling arise than at our friends from the Bikeschmiede Pellemeier?
Several times a year, the UD community meets here to ride out together, chill out and talk shop. And of course to celebrate in Joe's Roadhouse.

The Moketown will take place on 05.08.2023 😊

You can get more information at:
E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel.: +49 1525 3743272