BMX re-invented

UDX 204

100% Electric BMX.

The UDX 204 E-Bikes feature a sporty BMX style with fat 20 x 4 inch tires.

For cool riders aged 12-99!

The UDX 204 series offers everything that distinguishes our custom bikes of the UDX series, and even more: At the front, the air suspension provides a smooth and simultaneously sporty driving experience. From front to back, sporty, powerful, and safe: That's the UDX 204 e-bike in BMX style.

You own the Streets!

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UD-Bike UDX 204 electric Bmx
UDX 204 Black
Sale price€2.390,00
Sold out
UDX 204 Silver Grey
UDX 204 Silver Grey
Sale price€2.390,00
UDX 204 Desert Sand
UDX 204 Desert Sand
Sale price€2.390,00
UD-Bikes Electric BMX / UDX 204 bike Urban Drivestyle
UDX 204 Army Green
Sale price€2.390,00
"Urban Drivestyle bringt die Coolnes der 70er und 80er zurück auf die Straße!"

UDX E-Bikes

✔ Unmistakable BMX Style and Genuine Utility, Handcrafted Just for You
✔ Chunky Multi-Terrain Tires for Fun on Every Track
✔ Fully Suspended Comfort on All Your Journeys
✔ Torque-Strong Drive for Effortless Climbing
✔ Pure Driving Pleasure with Tremendous Range
We'll find your DriveStyle.