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Turn into a brand Ambassador.

How it works

Do you know the feeling? You're riding your UD Bike and complete strangers start conversations with you? Or your colleagues want to take a spin on your bike too? Neighbors give you envious looks? Well, now you can easily become a UD Ambassador and turn your passion for biking into cash... Just keep reading to find out how you can get even more out of your UD-Bike, besides the pure joy of riding.

Chances are, you already embody it: You adore your UD-Bike, and naturally, your enthusiasm spreads to others with your good vibes. Sound familiar? Well, you already possess two of the inherent qualities needed to become a "Brand Spreader" for Urban Drivestyle.

You're a proud UD-Bike owner, eager to share your riding pleasure and smile with those who don't have a UD-Bike.

This mission is definitely possible!

Get started

As an ambassador, you're 100% nature-happy with your UD-Bike and eager to inspire others about our UD-Bikes. You serve as the bridge between UD Bikes and your friends, acquaintances, family, neighbors, etc. In short, all the individuals whom you believe would love to be part of the ever-expanding UD-Bike community – or those who would fit right in.

Your smile and enthusiasm for UD-Bikes can multiply like this:

  • You share your riding joy with your UD-Bike in your surroundings.
  • You offer test rides to your friends who are interested in your cool UD-Bike.
  • You share your experience on your social media channels such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Blog, etc., with your personal photos, videos, messages.
  • You talk about how you maintain your UD-Bike and provide good tips.
  • You reveal your favorite routes.
  • You describe how cool it is to ride with it.
  • You rave about how much richer your life is since you started riding a UD-Bike.

Then you probably already know most of this, or even do it already. And if that's the case, then it's only logical that we compensate you for it, right?

Get the Benefits

It is so simple: You share your riding joy with your friends and acquaintances, and you earn from every bike sale: You receive a generous commission of 100 euros for each completed bike purchase (excluding returns) that you've referred. You also benefit from special promotions and extras*.

So, it's really easy to turn your riding joy into earnings.

And it's not just good for you – every new customer who purchases through your code also receives a 75 euros discount on their own brand-new UD-Bike. Truly a win-win!

Does this sound right for you?

The just contact us and we'll review your registration and grant access to your Brand Ambassador account.

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