UD Bikes Anti corrosion bike chain

UD Bikes Anti corrosion bike chain

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UD Bikes Anti corrosion bike chain

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We have experienced some rusty chains in our salty island environment, although we have lubricated them regularly and immediately tried to find a solution to this problem. That's why we added the new anti-corrosion chains especially for our UNI Bikes!

Don't worry about a rusty chain anymore with this rustproof bike chain! The fuseless design optimizes shifting performance and flexibility and the Z-shaped outer plate allows for faster and easier shifting. In addition, the chain is extremely resistant to lateral shear forces. To replace your current chain with this one, you need a special chain opening tool, which is included in our toolkits.

Note: The chain is extra long and fits all UD bikes. On some bikes/configurations, the chain will need to be shortened (approximately 8 links) to ensure optimal chain tension.

Chain Features

    •        Brand: KMC
    •        Material: steel EPT stainless EcoProTeQ coated.
    •        Size: ½'' x 3/32''.
    •        Length: 138 links
    •        Rust-buster function
    •        Inner plate chamfering
    •        Z-bridge shape for easier and faster shifting