Thumb Throttle for 50 Rebels electric bicycles
Thumb Throttle for 50 Rebels electric bicycles Plug and play
Thumb Throttle for 50 Rebels electric bicycles. with plug and play connectors

Thumb throttle for UD / 50 Rebels E-Bikes

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Thumb throttle for UD / 50 Rebels E-Bikes

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The thumb throttle allows you to accelerate your e-bike without having to pedal, useful as a starting aid. This practical accessory helps you to set the bike in motion and maneuver at low speed if you are transporting loads or riding in pairs. It is mounted between the brake lever and gear shift and is so easy to use with your thumb. The installation is also possible without much effort, because the necessary connection is already in the wiring harness - Plug & Play!


Thumb throttle is NOT allowed in all countries - check your national law before ordering! In most European countries jump start accessories like the thumb throttle are only allowed to accelerate to max. 6 km/h!

Continuous use of a throttle grip may affect the overall life of electrical components such as the engine, battery and controls and may void any existing warranty!
The thumb throttle is only intended for the 500W/750W version of our e-bikes! The use of the throttle on a 250W version is not recommended!

Features of the thumb throttle

  •     Material: Plastic
  •     Color: Black
  •     Includes: Thumb throttle with plug, an extension cable with matching  connector is already installed in the wiring harness of your e-bike